Is SEO Dead?

A client asked me last week “Is SEO really dead?” He had read an article saying just that.  The article went into how Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has gone and had been replaced with Google’s new view on quality content.

I thought for a second and said well to me SEO really means the art of optimizing your pages so search engines like Google rank your page better than someone else.

Sure years ago people were able to beat the system and artificially inflate rankings by black hat techniques and even white hat practices for that matter by knowing what Google was looking for.  For example years ago Google heavily relied on page rank, links, keyword density, keyword prominence, etc.

Today Google is trying to instead rely on original and high quality content and the interaction between your pages and the outside world.  But does that mean linking, directory submission, deep linking, search engine submission and social book marking are not relevant.  It does mean they are certainly not going to be as important

But the point that SEO is all about making your web pages optimize is not entirely accurate in my opinion.  SEO has evolved into a melting pot of some of the older techniques and there is certainly more emphasis on quality content now a days.

Some people refer to the old art of SEO as gaming the system and I agree when people used black hat techniques (techniques that were meant to fool Google into thinking the page had more relevance that is really did.

But White Hat techniques such as looking at your keyword density, linking relevant content, directory submission are not dead and are still an integral part of your over SEO game plan.

So what was my advice to my client?  Well it was definitely there is no easy way to become ranked high in the search engines. Most people like taking the  easy way out.  Google has caught on to this and has invested probably millions of dollars and man hours into making content the most important factor when it comes to rankings.

So the moral to this story is you NEED original and high quality content.  Mix in some traditional techniques, broadcast to your social sphere and you have a good marketing plan from which grow from.

So what do you think of SEO in 2014?

One thought on “Is SEO Dead?

  1. SEO is far from dead, and to those paying attention, it has actually become much easier to deal with thanks to major changes from the major players. The big deal is posting quality content, written for real people, that inspires real engagement, instead of writing to please search bots.


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