Should your website be responsive?

Responsive website design allows your site to change orientation, resolution and layout based on the device a user is visiting from. But is that always the best option for every type of site? Some sites that require detailed user interactions don't scale well to a very small device. A thorough site and usage analysis needs … Continue reading Should your website be responsive?

Content Marketing

With all the attention to the update Google has been doing over the last year or two, it has become clear content is paramount for any website. In a nut shell Google wants to find content that is clearly written to the audience, content that is relevant and original. Today it is not enough to … Continue reading Content Marketing

Whatsapp – is it really worth $19 billion? Facebook thinks so

Last week, social media giant Facebook bought the mobile messaging platform WhatsApp for a cool $19 billion. So what does Facebook want with WhatsApp? Well, maybe it's their 450 million users. And they've made it no secret that they want to be the focal point of your daily communications regimen. Recently, Facebook completely "un-bundled" their … Continue reading Whatsapp – is it really worth $19 billion? Facebook thinks so