How YOU Can Benefit From Facebook Algorithm Changes PART 2

In my last post I wrote about what is happening with your posts.  We will continue with things that you can do to leverage your posts with these changes.

Why is organic reach declining?

There are two main reasons.

The first is quite obvious: the amount of content created and shared is increasing daily. With the introduction to the glorious smartphone, sharing a photo or video with customers from across the globe is only a few  swipes away. While a couple of years ago you had the ability to see 1,500 posts every time you log on, with the increase of activity on Facebook you now have the potential to see over 15,000 new posts. So now there is far more information to absorb and far less time to absorb it.

As a result, the competition on news feeds- the place of Facebook where family members and customers are aloud to see your content- have drastically increased and now it’s becoming harder and harder for people to gain exposure. Along with increase of content there has also been an increase of likes. Since April, the number of pages likes by a typical Facebook user has increased by 50%. With each new page liked the competitions within the news feeds has also increased.

The second reason why organic reach has been decreasing has to do with how the news feed works. Recently Facebook has decided to sort through all the “potential posts” and show only those that are most relevant to you. Of the 15,000 potential posts that are available Facebook cuts that number to showing around 300.  In order to decide what stories to show, Facebook ranks all the posts from least important to most important depending on several thousands factors specific to each person.

Why not show everything?

Every time a user logs onto Facebook they only have so much time to look through their news feeds. They may be on it for an hour on their lunch break or a few minutes while waiting for the bus. Either way, content that is towards the bottom of the page will be missed- and that may be the most valuable content for them. If Facebook did allow users to chose what they want to see by showing them every single post available to them, organic reach would decrease even more.

“How can I gain reach instead of losing it?”

Avoid using meme and frequent calls to action

Being able to gain reach back is pretty simple. One of the major things you would want to do is avoid meme and frequent call to action use as much as possible. Instead of using phrases such as “click like if you agree” be more creative and let what you’re saying sound natural.

Keep a link a link and keep a photo a photo

Some Facebook users find themselves wanting to include links within the descriptions of photos, but instead a link should be posted as a link and a photo should be posted as a photo. Think about how you can deliver content in the best way for your audience to consume it.

Increase post frequency

This does not mean you should be posting 10 times a day. Instead try posting once a day for three days and see what happens. Every realtor’s page is different- you just need to see which way works best for you and your business.

What do people love/ hate about your page

Finding out what people didn’t like about your page is just as important as finding out what they did. Facebook gives users the options to “hide” a post from their view. which is basically the same as “unliking” a page. Overtime you may see a pattern that demonstrates that more people “unlike” your page when certain subjects are discussed or certain themes are used. Finding out what people didn’t like can help make better informed decisions about your content strategy.

Analyzing outbound links to determine which source is the most well received is a perfect way to figure out how you can better your posts to increase your organic reach. Try focusing on engagement during your posts- users tend to look at posts that can involve them.

Try out new things

It seems simple enough but most users tend to forget that practice makes perfect. Try testing different times of the day for different content (i.e marketing a home sale in the morning and posting a video blog in the afternoon).  Figuring out what is most beneficial to your users at certain times of the day is a simple and beneficial way to increase your organic and total reach.

Let me know what you have done to help keep your reach increasing as Facebook continues to make changes to its social network.

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