6 Tips to Gain Twitter Followers

Recently Twitter has recently become the new face of social networking sites. With its 140 character posts, Twitter is an easy way to catch up on trending topics and gives its users a quick and easy way to connect with its followers. But, like with many tools, you only get what you put in, so gaining followers is a vital source of expanding your reach over the twitter sphere.  Whether it be you’re new to the twitter family or you’re simply a silent ghost on your timeline, here are six easy ways to gain followers on twitter.

1. Be Original

Creating thought-provoking tweets is important. Most people quickly scroll along twitter on the bus or on their lunch break, so they tend to only see the most recent tweets. That is why it is important to tweet often and add variety (pictures, links, videos) to make your tweet stick out. Publish content worth sharing and comment on relevant news and tweets to make yourself active on your follower’s timelines.

2. Don’t Be A Hash Tag Fanatic

Hash tags are an important part of twitter. They allow the user to click on them and find more tweets relevant to that specific word or phrase. Make sure not to use too many hash tags per tweet, but also make sure you use enough (1 or 2 per tweet). Let’s say you are trying to sell a house in Orangeberg. An example tweet would be: Check out these HOT listings in #Orangeberg. This allows your users to click on Orangeberg and see things relevant to that town (possibly events, the latest news, etc.). While using hash tags it is important to remember: quality over quantity.

3. Be An Active Follower

Be sure to actively seek out new followers. Industry experts suggest that for every 10 people you follow, at least 2 of them will follow you back. Make sure that when people follow you, you follow them back. This will let them know that you are an active part of twitter and not simply a “ghost follower”. Try following influential and well known industry leaders such as real estate agents in or around your market or even nationally. These people are great for re-tweeting and gaining inspiration for your own tweets.

4. Utilize Your Bio

Your twitter bio is the italicized portion of text below your Twitter handle on your profile page. This should clearly say who you are and what you do and should tell your followers and potential followers what they are to expect from your feed. Keep it short, simple and to the point: “Orangeberg real estate professional specializing in short sales and foreclosures”. Remember, your bio is displayed on others “Who To Follow” feed so keeping it straightforward is important.

5. Publicize Yourself

As well as publicizing yourself on twitter, it is important to publicize yourself in the real world. Adding links to your account on blogs, e-mails, and other social networking sites is important in allowing peers and clients to find you. If you are giving a presentation it may be a good idea to let your attendees know in case they want to live tweet your event, which is also a good way to get your name around.

6. Be Career Focused

Tweeting about your profession and staying career focused is important. Don’t mix your personal life with work and keep your tweets directed towards real estate pros. Using the Orangeberg example, you may want to tweet about the city’s lifestyle, hot listings, and hot spots in order to gain your followers attention. Publish content worth sharing, but make sure you stay focused.

If you have any other suggestions for gaining more followers on twitter feel free to share your secrets with us!

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