Today’s Agents Need Quality Not Quantity

So many of my real estate clients always ask me why they can’t compete with Zillow or Trulia.  Do you know what I tell them?  I say “Why would you?”  You have no business trying to compete with these portal sites.  These companies spend millions on attracting traffic but they spend most of there time by attracting quantity, not quality.  They do this because the traffic they need, is to fuel there ad campaigns which bring them revenue.  So instead of trying to see what there secret is, you need to create your own.  And you do this by producing QUALITY content and going after the more specific keywords.

Don’t use the buckshot approach but instead be selective.  Choose your target audience carefully and go after leads and build content based on your niche.

It takes time…

You cannot be an overnight success.  It takes time to build your pages and authority up.  Put in the simplest terms I can think of, Google simply wants to deliver the most relevant pages on any given search term.  Your objective is to be the most relevant.  Getting there is the trick.  Here are some basic tips;

  1. Understand your website/blog is fluid and evolving.  You need to always be adding new content or refreshing old content.
  2. Make your website/bog relative to your keywords.  In other words focus on your niche and don’t stray away from it.
  3. You want to be the content king of your market.  You want Google to choose you because you have all this relevant content.
  4. If you keyword(s) aren’t on the page, it is impossible for Google to choose you to be relevant.
  5. Consider having not only a website but a separate niche blog like “Loving Life in Ridgewood” and focus on that hyper-local content.

Confused what to do and where to turn, shoot me your website URL and I would be happy to give you some tips.  Good luck!

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