It’s one of the newest social media craze of 2014. Snapchat is an image capturing application that allows you to send pictures or videos to contacts, but here’s the catch- the picture totally disappears after a few seconds!

So why use it?  Well for one thing Snapchat has over 200 million users.  They do have a younger fan base having about 30% of their users over the age of 24 but each month that number grows.

“How can this help me generate leads?”

With Snapchat REALTORS are able to send their clients and prospects pictures of popular properties and because it requires no downloads, it doesn’t eat up your e-mail space. Look at it as a quick way to visually engage your audience.  You are doing all the work and sending them quick images. This keeps your clients and prospect engaged and wanting to see more of the property! You can also for example, send videos of you personally walking through the home or pictures that disappear within ten seconds of master bedrooms or landscaping. You can even send “priority clients” pictures of a property for a limited amount of time even before a brokerage makes it public.

“Why can’t I just send them a quick text about the property?”

Urgency appeals to younger generations who thrive on immediate gratification. With Snapchat sending your clients a quick ten second picture of a beautiful master bedroom keeps them engaged and wanting to see more far better than a plain text.

Keep this app on your radar, you’ll see more of it this year.

Have you use Snapchat in your Real Estate business yet?  We would love to hear from you.

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