Did You Know You Might Be Losing Leads?

Did You Know You Might Be Losing Leads?
If you were to ask somebody what the difference is between a responsive and mobile website, chances are they wouldn’t have an answer. Well the difference could be actually costing you customers.
A responsive website is a flexible web design which improves a user’s experience based on the device they’re using.
Whether it’s a tablet, desktop, smartphone, or laptop, this design will be able to adapt to any device and provide yourFB-banner visitors with a cohesive, consistent experience.
This year, mobile internet searches surpassed all desktop internet usage! You need to be sure your website is mobile friendly but at the same time remaining desktop compatible. With a responsive website your website can be BOTH!
We will build you one of our Semi-custom Responsive Websites for 50% off! PLUS you don’t have to pay us a dime for the first 60 days
Right now we are offering all of our valued clients and friends 50% off a new responsive website design. 

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