Don’t Find Yourself Falling Victim To These Common Social Media Mistakes!

Social media can be a very useful tool when it comes to gaining new clients, but if it’s used incorrectly it can ultimately harm you more than it will help you.


Facebook is one of the most popular social networking website which allows registered users (or businesses) to create profiles, upload photos and videos, send messages and stay connected with colleagues, friends, families, and clients.

1: Don’t use your Facebook Personal Page to post business related information.  It is against Facebook’s Terms of Service. Instead post them from your Business page to your Personal page.

2: Don’t ignore comments.  While using your Facebook Business Page, make sure you do not ignore comments. Whether they are good or bad, try to keep a level head and respond to your clients comments and concerns in a quick and respectable manner.

3: Don’t Overuse! Another common error made by many Facebook users is posting over used and “stale” content. When your client is scrolling down his or her feed you want to make sure your content stands out. Offer valuable content that distinguishes you from other local agents.


Twitter is a well known microblogging social media website that allows its members to broadcast short posts (120 characters), called tweets.

1: Don’t buy them. First and far most do not beg or buy your followers. Instead earn your followers by “tweeting” amazing content that is worth following.

2: Tweak often but not too often. Under or over tweeting will annoy your followers and may even cause them to unfollow you. Try setting a posting schedule. Set up a specific time (or a few different times) throughout the day to tweet to your clients and/or prospects.

Google Plus

Google+ is a social networking site that attempts to replicate the way people interact offline more closely than other social media services.

1: Have an awesome profile. When you first set up your Google+ page, make sure you fill in every detail about your business and include popular, log-tail keywords across your page. This engages clients while also generating new leads. Google+ allows you to create “circles” to group your friends into smaller bunches in order to share the perfect content with the perfect people (i.e: friends, clients, prospects, colleagues). Fail to engage in these circles may lead to you losing out of numerous prime real estate leads.


Pintrest is a relatively new social media craze that is used for sharing and categorizing images found online.

1: Spice it up! If you’re a real estate agent using Pintrest make sure you to spice up your “pins”. Pin your listings, but also pin plenty of other stuff to such as blog posts, interior design ideas, and even landscaping. While pinning your listings make sure to use compelling images. Use of boring, dull images will lead to fewer (if any) clicks.

Although social media seems like a blessing to most people, sometimes it can be a disaster is disguise! Use it wisely and you won’t find yourself falling victim to these common social media mistakes!

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