If You’re Using Your Personal Facebook Account For Your Real Estate Services- You’re Doing It Wrong

Are you using your personal Facebook account as your business account as well? If so, then STOP. Aside from breaking Facebooks Terms of Service, you may be missing out on essential features Facebook Business Pages have to offer.

1. If you are using your personal timeline primarily for your commercial gain, you are going against Facebook’s Terms of Service.

According to Facebook’s Terms of Service, you’re not allowed to use your personal profile strictly for business and you’re in risk of Facebook shutting down your account. However, there are many ways you can blend the activities in your personal profile in order to also benefit your business while at the same time building or creating relationships with current customers, past customers, and prospects. For ideas on how to balance your work and your personal life on Facebook, take a look at one of our newest blog posts entitled “How To Blend Your Personal Life And Work Life Through Facebook”.

2. Using your personal page as your business page as well lacks professionalism.

Your personal Facebook profile is where people post family photos and thoughts on economics, politics, religion, and everything else that shouldn’t be discussed around the dinner table. You do not want to be mixing that with business advertising or contests/ sweepstakes you’re using to gain attention to your business.

3. You miss out on a lot of essential business features.

Facebook has created pages strictly tailored for businesses, meaning they have features on business pages that they do not offer on personal pages. You are unable to run Facebook contests or check your Facebook insights without using a Facebook Business Page. A Facebook Contest is a very easy way for people engage Facebook likes and then convert them into email signups by enticing their followers (clients, past clients, prospects) with a prize, either small or large. There are numerous different types of contests that you can run- from basic “random draw” sweepstakes to video submissions with a full panel of judges.

4. A Facebook Page is limited to 5000 friends.

Once you hit that limit your business contacts can’t grow. You can have unlimited followers if you add that feature, but your interaction with followers is limited.

5. You only have one account to share with your entire staff.

With a Facebook business page you can have your entire staff (if you’re an office) interact with the profile. On a business page you can give your staff admin rights and set their access level so that they can only do certain activities on your page. This means you can allow them the right to change content, but not delete anything. You can also have someone create ads for your page, but that is their only job. You are not allowed to do this with a personal profile.

6. You miss out on different ways to optimize the presence your business.

By using the Facebook Business profile you can utilize key elements in the “about” section that are not included in the “about” section of a personal profile. A Facebook Business page allows you to optimize your page with:

  • A business category that best applies to your business
  • Address (customers will then be able to “Check In” at your business)
  • Phone number
  • Mission statement
  • Awards that you and/or your business has won

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