5 Emails EVERY Real Estate Agent Should Send To Every Lead


Newsletters allows you to share recent news, updates, and listings with your prospective clients without clogging up their social media feeds. Newsletters can combine your latest blog posts, ebooks, updated landing pages, or even current listings into one, easy to read message. Consider branding your newsletter to make it memorable for your readers. Instead of of simply branding your news letter as “Nancy’s Newsletter” try something along the lines of “Nancy’s Newsworthy Real Estate Updates”.  Make sure to include numerous images to avoid content overload and spice up your page with social sharing buttons to allow your audience to easily share your newsletter to their friends and family online.


Digests are a bit like newsletters except much more “digestible” to read. Digests are short, quick, and easy to read and focus more on sharing the most pertinent and important links of the day, week, month, ect. Digests would be perfect for the type of lead who would really love to stay updated but doesn’t have quite as much free time on their hands as they’d like. Most digests are sent on a weekly or biweekly basis, but you can change this to cater both your needs and your client’s needs. You can share content from relevant sources (other than your own) that you think your audience would enjoy (like a blog post from the National Association of Realtors’). Again you want to have a capturing title and description that grabs readers’ attention right off the bat. Include links back to your website or social media sites as well as short, detailed descriptions that highlight the relevant information included in your digest.

Promotional Emails

Emails can also be used to nurture leads through the sales funnel. These are called promotional emails. They allow you to personalize specialized emails to send to a specific group of leads. If, for example, you found a link that helps buyers with their decision making and you have a client who have been bouncing back and forth between two hours for the past few weeks, offer them the link via email. Make the link text enticing so they  have no choice but to want to click! Using a branded image with text overlaying can relay the point of your promotion in a fun and creative manner. Personalize emails to instill trust in your readers and make them eager to read on. Once you address your reader, get right to the point. Add social and email sharing buttons to get people to spread the word about your promotion!

Specialized Emails

Specialized e-mails can tie any major event or holiday (like Valentine’s Day or the World Cup) to real estate. Even though it may not be related to your business at all, you can still capitalize on the popularity of such a special day. For example, when the Super Bowl is right around the corner try and figure out a way to use such an iconic game to your benefit. Maybe research a player who has a hometown in your listings area or an infographic with real estate stats and a football theme.

Thank You Emails

If someone subscribes to your email newsletter, takes an action on your website, or requests additional information- send them a thank you email! Show your leads you appreciate them by sending a personalized email rather than a mass thank you email. Small changes to your emails, including buyers and sellers, won’t go unnoticed. You can even add a link to an online survey. Take that a step further by offering a reward to those who took that online survey.


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