A picture is worth 1000 search results

Google has been creating a bit of a buzz by rolling out barcode decals for local businesses. Google's immediate plan is to have local businesses sign up for Google Local Business Center to become eligible for this program, create their business listing on Google, and then they would receive a decal they can put in their shop window that would have a bar-code people can scan with their smart-phone to view more information about that business on their Favorite Place Page.

7 Lessons learned from site redesign.

Joshua Ferris wrote an interesting article about his experience with his latest site redesign. It details some great guidelines to making a simple intuitive home page design that it tailored to keeping visitors on your site and interested in your business. Too often, I feel, clients want to overload their visitor with as much information as possible, and lets face it, with only a few short seconds to appeal to each unique visitor to your website, it seems like the most natural course of action to give them as much as you can to try and appeal toward them. Unfortunately, that action couldn't be further from the reality.

Web Browser Roundup

The Internet is constantly evolving. New technology appears (and sometimes disappears) faster than most of us can keep up with it. It's hard to imagine that only a little over a year ago most of us thought a "tweet" was merely the noise that a bird makes. Now, not only do we have to keep up with the latest trends and technologies, but we must keep our eyes on the vessel that we navigate the vast ocean of the Internet. I speak, of course, of the web browser. For many, it's known simply as "the big blue 'E'," and for others it's the centerpiece of their computer's desktop. Whatever you may call it, the web browser is one of the most important pieces of software on computers today.