Did You Know You Might Be Losing Leads?

Did You Know You Might Be Losing Leads?   If you were to ask somebody what the difference is between a responsive and mobile website, chances are they wouldn't have an answer. Well the difference could be actually costing you customers.   A responsive website is a flexible web design which improves a user's experience … Continue reading Did You Know You Might Be Losing Leads?

Today’s Agents Need Quality Not Quantity

So many of my real estate clients always ask me why they can't compete with Zillow or Trulia.  Do you know what I tell them?  I say "Why would you?"  You have no business trying to compete with these portal sites.  These companies spend millions on attracting traffic but they spend most of there time … Continue reading Today’s Agents Need Quality Not Quantity

Hows Does Goolge’s New Update Effect REALTORS?

First of all why am I even talking about Google's Algorithms updates to you?  That's easy, while you don't need to know the specific details, you should be aware how this update might effect your Real Estate Business. Launched in late July, the update is a new algorithm to provide more useful, relevant and accurate … Continue reading Hows Does Goolge’s New Update Effect REALTORS?

REALTOR.com says bye-bye to Internet Portal feeds

REALTOR.com announced that they will no longer feed portals such as MSN and the likes.  Instead they will be focusing on there own infrastructure and building there desktop and mobile products. "We are no longer focused on Internet portals for traffic acquisition,” said Barbara O’Connor, chief marketing officer of Move, in a statement released from REALTOR.com. … Continue reading REALTOR.com says bye-bye to Internet Portal feeds

Content Marketing

With all the attention to the update Google has been doing over the last year or two, it has become clear content is paramount for any website. In a nut shell Google wants to find content that is clearly written to the audience, content that is relevant and original. Today it is not enough to … Continue reading Content Marketing

Is SEO Dead?

A client asked me last week “Is SEO really dead?” He had read an article saying just that.  The article went into how Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has gone and had been replaced with Google’s new view on quality content. I thought for a second and said well to me SEO really means the art … Continue reading Is SEO Dead?

TriplePlay 2013 – That’s a rap!

After 3 days we are finally back to our office here in Northern NJ.  I have to say it was a great convention even with the snow that came on Tuesday.  We saw many of our existing clients and met a lot of new people. This year we announced our new Responsive Real Estate Websites.  … Continue reading TriplePlay 2013 – That’s a rap!