Defining the Agent’s Website; Part 2

What makes a GREAT Agent Website? As promised here is my second post on Defining an Agent's Website. Before I get into all the technical aspects of a website for a REALTOR, I first want to talk about in general what makes a Great website in terms of what elements should every agent look for in designing a website.

7 Lessons learned from site redesign.

Joshua Ferris wrote an interesting article about his experience with his latest site redesign. It details some great guidelines to making a simple intuitive home page design that it tailored to keeping visitors on your site and interested in your business. Too often, I feel, clients want to overload their visitor with as much information as possible, and lets face it, with only a few short seconds to appeal to each unique visitor to your website, it seems like the most natural course of action to give them as much as you can to try and appeal toward them. Unfortunately, that action couldn't be further from the reality.