75 Realtor Blog Post Ideas

Do you ever sit down to write a blog article for your real estate blog but you have the worst writer's block? Below are 75 easy blog topics you can use next time you seem to be at a loss for words. Put together a list of weekly open houses in your area Tips every … Continue reading 75 Realtor Blog Post Ideas

House Flipping Makes A Comeback In U.S.

Lately, house-flippers have seemingly risen in numbers due the recent run-up seen in the housing market. The last time such a trend was seen was at peak of the housing bubble. The increase in house flipping can be validated by the fact that buying and selling real estate has increased by 19% over the last … Continue reading House Flipping Makes A Comeback In U.S.

Real Estate Agents Solve Common Issues and Build Stronger Relationships

As a real estate agent, you have three best friends: Buyer Seller Creditor It’s your job to bring these people together and create a happy group. Unfortunately, these individuals don’t always play nice together. Issues arise that cause rifts in the relationship and lost sales. So, what are some common issues and how can you, … Continue reading Real Estate Agents Solve Common Issues and Build Stronger Relationships

Save Your Money: Avoid Rent-to-Own

Although the news reports say the economy is recovering, you are probably still living paycheck-to-paycheck with every penny spoken for. While some states allow you to shop around for utility rates – for example,  Jayton, Texas residents can do a web search for “Jayton Electricity prices” to find progressively better rates – you might still … Continue reading Save Your Money: Avoid Rent-to-Own

Renting vs Buying your Own House

One of the biggest investments that people make in their lifetime is buying a new home. However, before finalizing the decision to buy a new home, most of them face the dilemma whether to rent a house or buy a house. If you belong to the group of this confusion struck people, it would be … Continue reading Renting vs Buying your Own House


Want to know how to make your home more inviting with memorable curb appeal? Of course you do. It’s called creating a better first impression. So not sure where to start? Begin with the lawn. Remove any clutter such as kid’s toys and bikes, excessive lawn sculptures and flower pots, as well as garden tools … Continue reading HOW TO MAKE A BETTER FIRST IMPRESSION


It’s time to B-R-E-A-T-H-E. The caving and excruciating death of the real estate market in 2006 appears to be coming to an end as expressed by experts. What a welcoming sign for our country as it’s been a long time coming. Our country as a whole has not experienced a downturn such as this since … Continue reading 2011 ON THE UPSWING