Google putting more emphasis mobile-friendly websites

The last time I spoke about this was when Google announced the Pigeon update but as of April 21st, Google is taking mobile a step further. If you don't have a mobile-friendly site, Google will most likely drop your rankings.  With 9 out of 10 home buyers relying on the Internet, why would you not … Continue reading Google putting more emphasis mobile-friendly websites

Is SEO Dead?

A client asked me last week “Is SEO really dead?” He had read an article saying just that.  The article went into how Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has gone and had been replaced with Google’s new view on quality content. I thought for a second and said well to me SEO really means the art … Continue reading Is SEO Dead?

Google Tweeks Panda in August

For those REALTORS who take their SEO seriously, this might be of interest to you. Google tweeked their Panda update in August. In June, Google incorporated new data into the algorithm, and launched two data refreshes. Keep in mind that this latest adjustment was just a data refresh. These tend to have a much smaller … Continue reading Google Tweeks Panda in August

Branding & Lead Generation – Does Your Site Measure Up?

Branding and lead generation are the TOP TWO reasons real estate professionals create web presences - specifically websites. Social networking websites are great for business but typically the site is branded (take Facebook for instance) over your profile branding; this is why you must be sure your professional site has effective branding and lead generation/capture … Continue reading Branding & Lead Generation – Does Your Site Measure Up?

Social Media Tips for the Real Estate Agent

I know as a Real Estate Agent you want to take advantage and leverage all that Social Media has to offer.  I definitely support your quest but I also want to share some tips to help you avoid the over load and confusion of trying to put together a Social Media strategy. Here are 5 … Continue reading Social Media Tips for the Real Estate Agent

Real Estate Website Content 101

As a REALTOR® there are many things to consider when writing your web content. Here is my list of Top 5 items to consider for your content: 1. Don’t make common mistakes when writing your web content Spelling and grammatical errors are big problems (save all that 'informal-ness' for your blog!) Remember this is INTERNET … Continue reading Real Estate Website Content 101