75 Real Estate Blogging Topics

Twice a month (if not more) I speak with REALTORS® at local boards and MLSs about using social media networks effectively - one major question I get is "WHAT DO I BLOG ABOUT!". So I've complied a quick list for you. My suggestion would be to export this list into a word doc. and create … Continue reading 75 Real Estate Blogging Topics

What to Avoid for Optimal On Page SEO

I spend a lot of time telling my Real Estate clients what they should be doing when thinking about their marketing and SEO effotys.  This post will outline what you should be avoiding when working on your SEO. Flash - Simply stated search engines cannot see the content in any Flash file.  This makes a … Continue reading What to Avoid for Optimal On Page SEO

Google’s Penquin Update

Google recently did yet any upgrade or as I call it another never ending tweak to its search engine.  This update specifically targets Webspam or the Black Hat techniques some people employ to artificially inflate their rankings.  Some common Black Hat practices are keyword spamming, cloaking, hidden text, or link manipulation. Matt Cutts, an engineer … Continue reading Google’s Penquin Update

3 Secrets to Boost your Organic SEO

The phrase 'Organic SEO', or organic search engine optimization, is used to describe the positioning of a website or blog on search engine result pages. The 'organic' part of that term indicates that the rankings that site or blog receives is directly related to the amount of hits/interaction it gets from people searching for that … Continue reading 3 Secrets to Boost your Organic SEO

Local SEO for the Real Estate Agent

What is the difference between local SEO and SEO?  For the Agent it is the difference between optimizing your website locally rather than regionally or nationally. For example "Florida Real Estate" versus "Miami Waterfront Real Estate".  For the Real Estate Agent getting more local, or as some call it 'hyper-local', means focusing your efforts on … Continue reading Local SEO for the Real Estate Agent

Do We Need Mobile SEO?

Mobile usage on Smart Phones is growing, rapidly.  Studies suggest that by 2014 the mobile web browser will be more used than the desktop web browsing.  For the Real Estate Industry I think this trend may come sooner -- many home buyers today are always on the go and searching forreal estate from their mobile … Continue reading Do We Need Mobile SEO?