Should your website be responsive?

Responsive website design allows your site to change orientation, resolution and layout based on the device a user is visiting from. But is that always the best option for every type of site? Some sites that require detailed user interactions don't scale well to a very small device. A thorough site and usage analysis needs … Continue reading Should your website be responsive?

Optmizing Your Real Estate Facebook Business Page

As of March 31st all Facebook Business Pages were converted to the new Timeline format - whether you wanted it or not!  So what exactly does this mean? For one thing you lost the ability to set a default landing page for new followers -- so now it is important that your cover photo and … Continue reading Optmizing Your Real Estate Facebook Business Page

75 Real Estate Blogging Topics

Twice a month (if not more) I speak with REALTORS® at local boards and MLSs about using social media networks effectively - one major question I get is "WHAT DO I BLOG ABOUT!". So I've complied a quick list for you. My suggestion would be to export this list into a word doc. and create … Continue reading 75 Real Estate Blogging Topics

3 Secrets to Boost your Organic SEO

The phrase 'Organic SEO', or organic search engine optimization, is used to describe the positioning of a website or blog on search engine result pages. The 'organic' part of that term indicates that the rankings that site or blog receives is directly related to the amount of hits/interaction it gets from people searching for that … Continue reading 3 Secrets to Boost your Organic SEO