Think You’re the Online Marketing Master – Think Again! Check Out These 5 Points and See How You Measure Up

Think you're doing all you can to surpass the many REALTORS® in your area with your online marketing strategies? Check out these 5 points and see if you’re doing all you can to get your name, business and services out into the ever evolving world of Real Estate online marketing!

Why Guest Blog?

Guest blogging can be a rewarding experience and help you reach a new audience, provide you some valuable inbound links and build your reputation as an expert in your field. For any agent building your authority and sphere of influence is a valuable asset. Each day Social Media becomes a stronger tool for the Agent's arsenal. There is a lot of potential for the Real Estate Professional to leverage Social Networking and Guest Blogging can be another tool to use.

My List of Top 5 Real Estate Marketing Tools/Sites

I’ve compiled a list of useful Real Estate tools/sites that REALTORS® and consumers can benefit from when buying or selling a home. The internet is quickly becoming the most popular real estate marketing and information resource today and many companies have come up with tools that makes the home buying/selling process easier.

Searching Deeper with Google

Today search engines are a big part of any REALTORS daily online marketing and research tools. What some Agents do not realize is that there is a bunch of advanced command line attributes you can use when searching on Google that may help you out a great deal. This was taken from a Google help page and tried to replace some references with more appropriate terms.