Snapchat! It's one of the newest social media craze of 2014. Snapchat is an image capturing application that allows you to send pictures or videos to contacts, but here's the catch- the picture totally disappears after a few seconds! So why use it?  Well for one thing Snapchat has over 200 million users.  They do … Continue reading Snap-what?

Today’s Agents Need Quality Not Quantity

So many of my real estate clients always ask me why they can't compete with Zillow or Trulia.  Do you know what I tell them?  I say "Why would you?"  You have no business trying to compete with these portal sites.  These companies spend millions on attracting traffic but they spend most of there time … Continue reading Today’s Agents Need Quality Not Quantity

Who Wouldn’t Want People to “Like” Them?

Social networking sites, especially Facebook, are one of the biggest forces behind connecting with clients or perspective clients. If you don't have one already, we suggest creating a Facebook business page. It's QUICK, FREE, and EASY and is a great source for growing the client list for your realty company. You main goal through this … Continue reading Who Wouldn’t Want People to “Like” Them?

Hows Does Goolge’s New Update Effect REALTORS?

First of all why am I even talking about Google's Algorithms updates to you?  That's easy, while you don't need to know the specific details, you should be aware how this update might effect your Real Estate Business. Launched in late July, the update is a new algorithm to provide more useful, relevant and accurate … Continue reading Hows Does Goolge’s New Update Effect REALTORS?

6 Tips to Gain Twitter Followers

Recently Twitter has recently become the new face of social networking sites. With its 140 character posts, Twitter is an easy way to catch up on trending topics and gives its users a quick and easy way to connect with its followers. But, like with many tools, you only get what you put in, so … Continue reading 6 Tips to Gain Twitter Followers

The Reality of Pintrest

Pintrest has become the fourth largest social networking site to date. It connects its users through images and for a REALTOR this is a helpful tool to sell listings via visual emotions. On Pintrest you are able to set up boards and engage with your followers via comments, likes, and repins. Here are the top … Continue reading The Reality of Pintrest