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Agents Beware – Goggle is making a BIG change that will affect you

This is my 2nd post about an upcoming Google search algorithm update. The reason I am doing a 2nd one is because the change Google is making will have a huge impact on the Real Estate Industry, in my opinion, specifically on agent websites. Coined "Mobilegeddon", this update to Google search will happen on April … Continue reading Agents Beware – Goggle is making a BIG change that will affect you

Today’s Agents Need Quality Not Quantity

So many of my real estate clients always ask me why they can't compete with Zillow or Trulia.  Do you know what I tell them?  I say "Why would you?"  You have no business trying to compete with these portal sites.  These companies spend millions on attracting traffic but they spend most of there time … Continue reading Today’s Agents Need Quality Not Quantity

Long Tail Keywords Power Hyper Local Content

Long tail keywords are the fuel that powers hyper local content for your real estate website—so why aren’t you taking advantage of it to its fullest? Long tail keywords mean hyper relevant content, which can get you more buyers/sellers and more income, read on to learn more.

8,000 tax credit

So why am I writing about the $ 8,000 Federal Tax Credit for new home owners?  Well it's simple - I see very few Agents publicizing this on their websites.  With the press dishing out so much negativity about the housing market right now, you can use all the positive PR you can get.  So … Continue reading 8,000 tax credit