My home is in trouble! How do I find a good agent?

Distressed homeowners are looking constantly looking for information on the Internet that will help them. Are they visiting your Web site for information?

Social Networking Update By Bennie Henderson

As a Web site developer and marketing professional, I teach REALTORS® how to effectively market themselves on the Internet. It was only a few years ago when all you needed was a picture of yourself, a short bio and link to your listings. The times have changed a bit since then. You now need to enhance your web presence by integrating Social Networking as part of your marketing plan. I often refer to this as the solar system approach. Think of your main web site as the sun. You need to create the little social networking sites like stars or planets that will revolve around your site and drive traffic to it. You will create new relationships as well as maintain contact with past clients and also build a referral base with REALTORS® throughout the world.. I have received calls from agents, and brokers thanking me as they have not only enhanced their search engine rankings, but have also received referrals and leads. Recently a REALTOR® in Florida, referred a $2.1 listing as a result of her presence on Facebook.