Is Social Media working for you?

If you're a REALTOR®, hopefully you have been paying attention to the importance that social media has to have in your marketing plans. You've created a blog, setup your Facebook page, and installed a Twitter client on your mobile phone. But something just isn't right. You THINK you've done everything you should have, but you're … Continue reading Is Social Media working for you?


Hit the Elusive Blogging “Wall”? – Check out My Plan B List of Blogging Topic Resources

Having issues finding a topic to blog about? Check out my "Plan B" list - happy blogging!

HouseLogic: Add Content To Your Site

HouseLogic is a content rich site that educate consumers by providing information to real estate consumers. REALTORS® can add the content to their sites to assist them with their branding efforts.

Educating Real Estate Agents and Brokers

Empowering real estate agents and brokers, Re Addvantage conducts educational classes to assist with online marketing exposure.