Anatomy of a Good Keyword Rich Blog Post

I get a lot of questions on writing a good blog post with rich keywords, scannable content while making sure it is still SEO friendly.  Below is a fictitious post about a condominium.  At the end of the article I summed up the major on-page factors that I considered important in writing this post. While … Continue reading Anatomy of a Good Keyword Rich Blog Post

What is Good SEO?

Trying to rank your pages on Google or Bing can be a daunting task sometimes and if you ask several SEO experts you are likely to get several different answers. So what is the best method to achieve some degree of success?  Well I could not tell you in one blog post every way you … Continue reading What is Good SEO?

Keyword Strategy

Keywords are the fundamental backbone of your SEO strategy. Choosing the correct keywords become vital to your overall SEO success. Knowing your market is vital to your success. Perhaps the most overlooked and underused concept is keyword research. Keyword research is vital to your success but I see very few of my Real Estate clients using it. When you research keywords you are also breaking down your market segment. By understanding your market you can then begin to know which keywords to choose.

Does your website have what it takes?

Today’s website plays a vital role in any REALTORS online marketing arsenal. That being said it is vital that your website stands out.  When someone visits your website you have about 10 seconds to establish a relationship.  In those 10 seconds your visitor will decide if your website meets his/her criteria. The first thing he/she decides … Continue reading Does your website have what it takes?