SEO 101 – Are Back Links Important to my Blog?

You hear it every day, back links are a major backbone of your SEO strategy.  But what exactly are back links and are they really worth it? Back links can be explained as a link that is created (by a person) TO your website BUT that person DOES NOT link back to their site or … Continue reading SEO 101 – Are Back Links Important to my Blog?

7 Days to Better Your SEO | Day 6: Links

Any good SEO strategy should include link building. Link building is based upon the concept of Link Popularity which is a concept I explained in a past post. When thinking about links you should consider these types of links. I ordered them in the level of importance. Inbound Links - Someone links to YOUR website but you do NOT link back to theirs. Reciprocol Links - Both websites link to each other. Outbound Links - You link to another website but the other website does NOT link back to you. Internal Links - Links on your website that links to pages on yourown website.