Why are Quick Search and Featured Property Widgets Important

Typically on average you only have a few seconds to capture the attention of a potential client that visits your website - so what can you do to keep them interested long enough to chose you as their Real Estate Professional? Create a website that offers information available to your clients with just one click of the mouse.

Keyword Strategy

Keywords are the fundamental backbone of your SEO strategy. Choosing the correct keywords become vital to your overall SEO success. Knowing your market is vital to your success. Perhaps the most overlooked and underused concept is keyword research. Keyword research is vital to your success but I see very few of my Real Estate clients using it. When you research keywords you are also breaking down your market segment. By understanding your market you can then begin to know which keywords to choose.

Create an Internet Resource to Service the 4 Major Personality Types of Buyers and Sellers

Are Real Estate professionals to miopic when it come to thei websire designs? Here is the main reason you should be purchasing a website – to create a useful and informative resource for potential clients to search for listing and Real Estate services.

RE/Advantage Customer Spotlight

RE/Advantage recently extended their sphere of clientele beyond the New Jersey boundaries this past year by servicing an REO specialist in Palm Beach County Florida, John Baughman. John now uses his professional Real Estate website to generate more leads than ever before!