Real Estate Website Content 101

As a REALTOR® there are many things to consider when writing your web content. Here is my list of Top 5 items to consider for your content: 1. Don’t make common mistakes when writing your web content Spelling and grammatical errors are big problems (save all that 'informal-ness' for your blog!) Remember this is INTERNET … Continue reading Real Estate Website Content 101

7 Days to Better Your SEO | Day 4: Good Content

When a REALTOR needs to write content two important factors should immediately come to mind. Community and real estate advise. The former will build good local content and the latter will reinforce your role as a professional. You might have heard the phrase "Content King" when talking about writing good content. If your site is the most authoritative site for its subject matter, you will not only draw interested buyers but in all likelihood rank well in the search engines. I wrote a similar post a few months back "Writing Good Content" where I focused on structure. Today I am going to take that a bit further and talk about conceptual ideas when thinking about writing your content.