On Page SEO Talk

Any Agent or Office planning on developing a website should always consider On Page SEO.  Simply put it is what you should be doing when creating your web pages.  You probably also should be thinking the same thing when tweaking existing pages as well. On Page techniques predominantly consists of keyword considerations and optimizing your … Continue reading On Page SEO Talk

Google Releases Some Changes – How Does This Affect the Real Estate Agent?

Google recently released a list of improvements to their ever popular search engine.  I am going to highlight some of the improvements that might affect your real estate website.  Google roughly releases 500 improvements per year and I will attempt as they are released to post some of the more relevant ones that might affect … Continue reading Google Releases Some Changes – How Does This Affect the Real Estate Agent?

Some Ways You Can Control Your Real Estate Website

Duane Forrester over at Bing wrote another great article entitled 9 Things You Need to Control in regards to optimizing your your real estate website.  These suggestions are a must for anyone with a website. By understanding these items you can improve your sites visibility to the search engines and hopefully provide a boost to … Continue reading Some Ways You Can Control Your Real Estate Website

Anatomy of a Good Keyword Rich Blog Post

I get a lot of questions on writing a good blog post with rich keywords, scannable content while making sure it is still SEO friendly.  Below is a fictitious post about a condominium.  At the end of the article I summed up the major on-page factors that I considered important in writing this post. While … Continue reading Anatomy of a Good Keyword Rich Blog Post

Bing’s Take on Quality Content

Recently Bing's Duane Forrester’s blog gave us some interesting information on how Bing views quality content. Here are some of the things Bing suggest you consider when writing quality content: Duplicate content – don’t use articles or content that appears in other places. Produce your own unique content. Thin content – don’t produce pages with … Continue reading Bing’s Take on Quality Content

What is Good SEO?

Trying to rank your pages on Google or Bing can be a daunting task sometimes and if you ask several SEO experts you are likely to get several different answers. So what is the best method to achieve some degree of success?  Well I could not tell you in one blog post every way you … Continue reading What is Good SEO?

Bing’s 18 Tips for Good SEO

Bing recently wrote an interesting article entitled 18 Things You Need to Know About SEO that is suppose to help you with your rankings on Bing. Duane Forrester who runs the public outreach side of the Webmaster program for Bing wrote the article. This list includes some vital pieces of information that are useful, especially … Continue reading Bing’s 18 Tips for Good SEO