Your public Tweets will now be saved forever

Well I guess there is something to be said about Twitter and how it is seen as en emerging force in our society. Because last week, Twitter announced that is has entered into an agreement with the Library of Congress, where they will archive every public tweet since Twitter's inception. I just wonder about both … Continue reading Your public Tweets will now be saved forever

Think You’re the Online Marketing Master – Think Again! Check Out These 5 Points and See How You Measure Up

Think you're doing all you can to surpass the many REALTORS® in your area with your online marketing strategies? Check out these 5 points and see if you’re doing all you can to get your name, business and services out into the ever evolving world of Real Estate online marketing!

Can Squidoo Really Work for the REALTOR®?

This is the year of the Social Network. Everywhere you turn you hear about people using Social Networking to connect and get business. Social bookmarking is a buzz word now and smart people use it often, I know I do. These strategies work if you doubt me just Google it. So in comes Squidoo. Creating a Squidoo Lens is another way to put yourself or your services into Cyberspace. Although Squidoo is a fairly new company their Google Page Rank is already 8.

So is Twitter here to stay for the REALTOR?

I have read so many articles on Twitter, some positive some not so. However you cannot dispute Twitter and micro-blogging have been running strong for quite a while. When you see NBC announce they are on Twitter and then put that on a prime time commercial you know people are noticing.

Social Networks

I've recently learned the importance of social networking through out the Real Estate industry. While working hand-in-hand with my boss I have come to see why blogging and using Facebook, Twitter and other networking sites has grown in popularity since a year or two ago. Many people, especially Real Estate agents/offices use these social networking avenues to appeal to a younger generation - one that is utterly technologically driven.