Solutions for Social Networking Overload

So, you're a busy real estate agent. You have a great web site with IDX search capabilities. You start a blog and post some great local content. You create a Facebook page for your growing business, and keep your clients in the loop about hot new listings with frequent Tweets. And collaborate with business associates using LinkedIn. How in the world are you going to manage all of this great social networking?

This you???? Phishing attack hits Twitter

Another phishing attack spreading across Twitter designed to steal login details and hijack accounts. A message asking “This you,” followed by a link to a bogus Twitter login page, have caused such a scare on the micro-blogging network that the phrase is currently a hot trending topic on the site.

So is Twitter here to stay for the REALTOR?

I have read so many articles on Twitter, some positive some not so. However you cannot dispute Twitter and micro-blogging have been running strong for quite a while. When you see NBC announce they are on Twitter and then put that on a prime time commercial you know people are noticing.