Where are my leads?

If I had a penny for every time someone told me that!  Where are my leads?  I have been consulting with Real Estate Professionals for over 10 years and the single most resounding issue whether it be an issue with a website or print media is lead generation.  It's an important topic and one that … Continue reading Where are my leads?

Get a web strategy, not a website

I have clients ask me all the time; "I have a website and IDX but I do not get many leads". That sound might resonate to many of you out there but their is a real good reason why this happens. Websites today are more than just a bunch of pages, they are a strategic marketing platform. Todays websites are more than just pretty pictures and when attention to detail is not paid, most people have poor results. Take a look at this list. How many items do you consider in your web marketing strategy.