Existing Home Sales Are Expected To Continue Momentum Despite Expiration of Tax Credit

With the expiration of the first time home buyers credit, sales of existing homes are expected to continue to rise. Is your Web Site going to capture these buyers?

Breaking down the walls in Social Networking

Real estate agents and brokers are constantly looking for new ways to market their services. Has social networking paid any dividends to you?

Educating Real Estate Agents and Brokers

Empowering real estate agents and brokers, Re Addvantage conducts educational classes to assist with online marketing exposure.

Link Popularity

Why is Link Popularity a key in good rankings? Search Engines are just software programs that try to rank your website based on the content they scan.  They use a series of algorithms to give your content a ranking score.  Then they compare that score to all the other websites they have in their database … Continue reading Link Popularity

Website SEO 101

I have been designing websites for over 10 years and people always ask me; "How do you get into the search engines" or "How do I get my website ranked".  Well the simple answer is you can certainly pay a SEO (Search Engine Optimizer) expert or you can dig in and try to do it … Continue reading Website SEO 101