Headlines that Kill: 5 Hacks that will get people reading.

If you are writing your own copy for your Real Estate website or blog, headlines can make a difference.

An article I read in CopyBlogger said; “On average, 8 out of 10 people will read headline copy, but only 2 out of 10 will read the rest. This is the secret to the power of your title, and why it so highly determines the effectiveness of the entire piece.”

So what’s up with that?  Well most people skim the page and only read on only if your your content is compelling.  So if you have a dull or indecisive headline you may get people simply hitting the back button.

Don’t panic, instead before you write your next page or post think about trying these tips.

Tip #1: Make it compelling

Your headline must state what the page is about and state is clearly.  It also should be compelling.

For example here are 3 headlines I came up with for this post and how they progressed until I decided on the final one.

#1: 5 Tips for Writing a Headline

#2: Headlines That Work: 5 Ways to get people reading.

#3: Headlines That Kill: 5 Hacks that will get people reading.

They all essentially say the same thing but #3 will probably get more attention.

For any post, you’ll want a nice balance among common, uncommon, emotional, and power words. A structure like this helps your post remain readable while commanding attention from your audience. Read on and I will discuss an easy way to analyze this.

Common words should make up 20–30% of your headline.

Common words are ones you use all the time. Common words pull your headlines together in a way that makes sense for readability.

Since commonly occurring words provide the basic structure of your headlines, they should make up about 20–30% of the words in your headlines.

Some common words are; a, about, after, these, what, you, your, things

Uncommon words should be about 10–20% of your headline.

Uncommon words are unique enough to grab your readers’ attention. These words provide substance in your headline.

A mix of 10–20% uncommon words in your headlines should do the trick.

Some uncommon words are; actually, awesome, here, right, social, year

Emotional words make a good headline at 10–15% density.

Emotional words in your headlines entice your audience to click through to read your post. And once they’re reading your posts with emotional headlines, your readers are more likely to share them.

You have a good headline if 10–15% of the words in your headline are emotional.

Some emotional words are; attractive, blissful, confessions, danger, dollar, spotlight, value, wonderful, zinger

Power words: Use at least one in your headline.

Like emotional words, power words are usually phrases that are well-known for inciting action. Power words are uniquely different than emotional words because they are a bit out of the ordinary.

These words inspire an emotion or call to action without a lot of context. Power words are typically rarely used words or phrases that almost guarantee some clicks through to your blog posts.

Great headlines have at least one power word in them.

Some power words are; for the first time, make you, what this, you will see, what happened,

Tip #2: Make sure you are addressing what your readers want, not what you do.

Remember you are writing the headline to entice your readers, so make sure you understand what your target audience wants and give them it.

Remember you cannot force them to read on, so your headline must be compelling enough to make them want to read on.

Tip #3: Consider a few

There are great tools such as Google AdWords Planner. With this you can type your keywords in and get some ideas on what your headline might be.

Don’t forget to research first. Use Google to research what others have written.

Once you have all this data in front of you, some ideas should begin to formulate into your head.

Tip #4: Test It!

Try using a headline testing tool to A/B test your headlines.  The one I like is CoSchedules Headline Analyzer.

This tool will give your headline a rating and based on that rating you can then make changes.

If you’re using WordPress, you have even more options. Plug-ins like KingSumo allow you to type in a few different headlines so you can test them on the fly, in the real world. After a few minutes, the program will select the dominant hed for you.

They are never really perfect

There is always room for improvement and don’t be afraid to come back and rework your content.

Good luck and if you know of any hacks or experiences you have had, let me know, I would love to hear from you.

Google putting more emphasis mobile-friendly websites

The last time I spoke about this was when Google announced the Pigeon update but as of April 21st, Google is taking mobile a step further.

If you don’t have a mobile-friendly site, Google will most likely drop your rankings.  With 9 out of 10 home buyers relying on the Internet, why would you not want to be mobile friendly now a days is the question?  If you are not sure if your website is mobile friendly just drop a comment below and I will let you know.google-mobile

Google Webmaster Central says:

“Starting April 21, we will be expanding our use of mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal. This change will affect mobile searches in all languages worldwide and will have a significant impact in our search results. Consequently, users will find it easier to get relevant, high quality search results that are optimized for their devices.”

If you do not have a mobile friendly real estate site, now is the time to start thinking of one.  If you would like more information on mobile friendly sites, click here.

Did You Know You Might Be Losing Leads?

Did You Know You Might Be Losing Leads?
If you were to ask somebody what the difference is between a responsive and mobile website, chances are they wouldn’t have an answer. Well the difference could be actually costing you customers.
A responsive website is a flexible web design which improves a user’s experience based on the device they’re using.
Whether it’s a tablet, desktop, smartphone, or laptop, this design will be able to adapt to any device and provide yourFB-banner visitors with a cohesive, consistent experience.
This year, mobile internet searches surpassed all desktop internet usage! You need to be sure your website is mobile friendly but at the same time remaining desktop compatible. With a responsive website your website can be BOTH!
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It’s one of the newest social media craze of 2014. Snapchat is an image capturing application that allows you to send pictures or videos to contacts, but here’s the catch- the picture totally disappears after a few seconds!

So why use it?  Well for one thing Snapchat has over 200 million users.  They do have a younger fan base having about 30% of their users over the age of 24 but each month that number grows.

“How can this help me generate leads?”

With Snapchat REALTORS are able to send their clients and prospects pictures of popular properties and because it requires no downloads, it doesn’t eat up your e-mail space. Look at it as a quick way to visually engage your audience.  You are doing all the work and sending them quick images. This keeps your clients and prospect engaged and wanting to see more of the property! You can also for example, send videos of you personally walking through the home or pictures that disappear within ten seconds of master bedrooms or landscaping. You can even send “priority clients” pictures of a property for a limited amount of time even before a brokerage makes it public.

“Why can’t I just send them a quick text about the property?”

Urgency appeals to younger generations who thrive on immediate gratification. With Snapchat sending your clients a quick ten second picture of a beautiful master bedroom keeps them engaged and wanting to see more far better than a plain text.

Keep this app on your radar, you’ll see more of it this year.

Have you use Snapchat in your Real Estate business yet?  We would love to hear from you.

Today’s Agents Need Quality Not Quantity

So many of my real estate clients always ask me why they can’t compete with Zillow or Trulia.  Do you know what I tell them?  I say “Why would you?”  You have no business trying to compete with these portal sites.  These companies spend millions on attracting traffic but they spend most of there time by attracting quantity, not quality.  They do this because the traffic they need, is to fuel there ad campaigns which bring them revenue.  So instead of trying to see what there secret is, you need to create your own.  And you do this by producing QUALITY content and going after the more specific keywords.

Don’t use the buckshot approach but instead be selective.  Choose your target audience carefully and go after leads and build content based on your niche.

It takes time…

You cannot be an overnight success.  It takes time to build your pages and authority up.  Put in the simplest terms I can think of, Google simply wants to deliver the most relevant pages on any given search term.  Your objective is to be the most relevant.  Getting there is the trick.  Here are some basic tips;

  1. Understand your website/blog is fluid and evolving.  You need to always be adding new content or refreshing old content.
  2. Make your website/bog relative to your keywords.  In other words focus on your niche and don’t stray away from it.
  3. You want to be the content king of your market.  You want Google to choose you because you have all this relevant content.
  4. If you keyword(s) aren’t on the page, it is impossible for Google to choose you to be relevant.
  5. Consider having not only a website but a separate niche blog like “Loving Life in Ridgewood” and focus on that hyper-local content.

Confused what to do and where to turn, shoot me your website URL and I would be happy to give you some tips.  Good luck!

Who Wouldn’t Want People to “Like” Them?

Social networking sites, especially Facebook, are one of the biggest forces behind connecting with clients or perspective clients. If you don’t have one already, we suggest creating a Facebook business page. It’s QUICK, FREE, and EASY and is a great source for growing the client list for your realty company. You main goal through this is to gain “likes” from your fans and continuing to have them return to your page. The more “likes” your page receives the better the odds that your page will be exposed to a wider array of people. Before striving to get more likes you must keep these three points in mind:

  • The point of a Facebook page is to convert likers to buyers.
  • Your page must be directed to the correct group of people.
  • You want to leave them wanting more!

Keeping these things in mind, here are some tips on how to get more people to “like” you.

1. Link your page through other social media sites

Facebook isn’t the only social media site that has the ability to gain you clientele. Sites such as Instagram, Twitter, and Pintrest have just a good a chance as any other site does (how you can utilize all of these sites will be discussed in later posts). Linking your page to any or all of these sites will broaden your reach for possible clients and will gain you more exposure.

One of the most important things you should do is add a link to your Facebook page onto your blog. Blogs are becoming more and more popular because they are a quick way to interact with clients. Posting on your blog daily is a key factor in gaining your clients (or soon-to-be clients) your trust and loyalty. In addition, blogs can be helpful in directing your fan base to go and “like” your page and/or company website.

2. Incorporate the “Like” button onto your company’s website/ emails

By incorporating the “like” button onto your website will allow your online users to easily find your Facebook page and as a result increase their chances of “liking” your page.

If clients or perspective clients have already opted to be apart of your email list, you can have them interact with you on Facebook as well by utilizing your email signature. You can add an icon in your email signature that will alert your contacts to go and check out your page. This is a simple and effective way to share your business page with perspective and current clients.

3. Stay engaged and be interesting

You should always give your fans a way to express their opinion. Whether it be through a poll or a post asking for your fans opinions, giving them a way to interact with your page is a key point in driving visitors to your page. But keep in mind you must ACTIVELY INTERACT. One of the most harming things to your page is to “go ghost” or, in other words, have your fans wait days to get a response from you. Check your page often and get to know your clientele. In doing so you will be able to post more relevant and effective articles, images, or videos to better equip yourself to solve any issue your clients might be having. Along with being available you also have to be visible. In order for more people to visit your page you need to post things at certain hours so that your fans will see them and be willing to share them with their friends and family. Although understandably it is hard if you have both local and international clients, sooner or later you will begin to see a trend and develop a better idea when posts should be posted.

One of the most effective things for realtors is to post stunning pictures of properties in order to drive in comments in likes. People are always more likely to comment or share a picture that seem out of this world. You can also try posting tips or articles to get your audience engaged on the content you want them to see. Try posting tips on finding the right property and see what type of response you’ll receive. Get people talking and wanting to come back for more!

If you have any other tips on how to drive people to your Facebook business page feel free to share- who wouldn’t want people to “like” them?

Hows Does Goolge’s New Update Effect REALTORS?

First of all why am I even talking about Google’s Algorithms updates to you?  That’s easy, while you don’t need to know the specific details, you should be aware how this update might effect your Real Estate Business.

Launched in late July, the update is a new algorithm to provide more useful, relevant and accurate local search results that are tied more closely to traditional web search ranking signals. Google stated that this new algorithm improves their distance and location ranking parameters.

You probably noticed by now your the local map results (some call it the 7 pack) are not on every location search anymore.  You know what I am taking about, you type “Teaneck NJ Realtor” and you would see a map with the top 7 results.  To me this seemed to resulted in more exposure for the bigger companies.  Smaller offices and agents that were on the 7 pack are now on the SERP but forced to the bottom most of the time. However in realty I think Google is refining location results based on geo-location and population density.  You tend to see the map results in larger areas.

So in essence since Real Estate is very local, this update is one you should be concerned about.

Some things that you should consider on this update;

  1. Strong Domains Matter
    1. It has been observed local businesses need to attach their brands to strong domains. While Google has not explicitly confirmed that there is a bias toward brands in their ranking algorithm, many of us  have suspected as such. So if you have a strong franchise or local brand make sure you are well optimized on your location pages.
  2. Location, Location, Location
    1. Location really matters now as Google attempts to deliver the most relavant location based SERP. This comes in the terms on how close to the center of a city you are.  If you are searching for News Real Estate Agents, the closer you are the better.
  3. Please don’t over optimize
    1. I have been preaching this for a while but don’t market yourself on too wide of a territory.  If you do, Google will notice in most cases and will drop your location based results. Limit your markets and make sure you have solid unique content and a well optimized page for each of these areas. If you can, utilize your home page for the top geo location you serve.

While like you I am not thrilled in what has transpired but let’s sit back and see how this plays out.  Google does invest a huge amount of money and time trying to bring the best possible results.  Many of the changes over the years have been a huge benefit and refining the local search is important.