How to pick a blog topic

We all know that blogging, when done effectively and cross-linked to your website, can be a very effective way to increae your SEO and engage your visitors frequently. But sometimes, finding topics to blog about is difficult. Here are some tips to help: not like the other guy - try not to pick topics that … Continue reading How to pick a blog topic

Essex County Real Estate Agents

Northern New Jersey Real Estate Agents If you are a member of the Linked In Network come on over and check out a brand new group exclusively for REALTORS in and around the Essex County N.J. Area.  This group will focus on technology issues Agents frequently face.  As the group matures and the membership rises, … Continue reading Essex County Real Estate Agents

Foreclosure in New Jersey: two new bills ready to help

There are 2 new bills awaiting approval. The first, the Foreclosure Fairness Act (S.2777/A4063), is designed to protect tenants who may be effected by an impending foreclosure of the property they are renting, and their rights to remain in their home. Should a creditor attempt to place pressure on tenants of a property they have foreclosed on, civil penalties may be imposed. This helps to provide important protections for tenants who may be caught in the middle of a foreclosure action on the home, apartment building or other rented property that they are residing in. This bill also modifies and clarifies the recently enacted Mortgage Stabilization and Relief Act.