75 Realtor Blog Post Ideas

Do you ever sit down to write a blog article for your real estate blog but you have the worst writer’s block? Below are 75 easy blog topics you can use next time you seem to be at a loss for words.

  1. Put together a list of weekly open houses in your area
  2. Tips every homeowner should know before selling their homes
  3. Compare a few moving companies in your area (costs, reviews, etc.)
  4. Write about the oldest homes found in your area- include pictures, descriptions, and maybe even a video walk through!
  5. Talk about your neighborhood
  6. Make an ebook for the buyers in your market (this can be about anything!) and give it out for free!
  7. Make an ebook for the sellers in your market (this can be about anything!) and give it out for free!
  8. Commentary on local school stories
  9. Provide proof of what buyers get in one city verses another (i.e compare living expenses including average prices of mortgages, utilities, gas, etc.)
  10. List the top ten most desirable houses on your market…make sure to include pictures and videos if possible!
  11. Comment on the job market in your local area
  12. Write about top five diners in your town (this will give you an excuse to go out and try them all!)
  13. Explain how technology has changed the game of real estate
  14. What goes into a closing? How long does it take? What should your clients expect when dealing with a closing?
  15. Get reviews or interview some customers and have them explain their experience working with you (video footage would be AWESOME here!)
  16. Real estate hoaxes and scams
  17. List your favorite things to do within 30 minutes of your area
  18. Make a list of the top interior designers or residential painters
  19. How to buy a second home or vacation condo: the do’s and don’t’s
  20. Outline how your clients can get the best deal out of their mortgage
  21. Do an expose on bathroom renovation: the costs, the materials, the timeline, the dangers, and the benefits
  22. Do and don’t list on buying investment property
  23. First time home buyer programs
  24. Outline the closing process from the buyer’s perspective and compare that with the closing process from the seller’s prospective
  25. How to sell a home
  26. How NOT to sell a home
  27. List a few great title attorneys in your area
  28. List of basic real estate definitions from A-Z (alluring, beamed, close-in, dividable. etc.)
  29. How to identify over-priced homes
  30. Pet- friendly housing
  31. Ask your seller to make a list of the top ten reasons they love their neighborhood
  32. Real estate laws
  33. The home buying process
  34. The home selling process
  35. Why house inspections are so important
  36. How to stage your house
  37. Ten things that you can avoid when selling your home
  38. Make a list of price drops and prices in your target market
  39. Pros and cons of buying a timeshare
  40. Must- see landmarks in your area
  41. Top three mistakes all sellers make (price, condition, marketing)
  42. Interview the mayor or councilmen in your area and ask them why people should choose to live in their town
  43. Do an article of the most extravagant house you’ve sold in your area
  44. Types of mortgages
  45. What you should know before diving into a fixer upper
  46. Ten things to keep in mind when buying a foreclosure property
  47. An insider’s guide to all the important events that happen in your area
  48. Think of common questions clients ask and answer them all! (you can either do this on post or you can break it up and do one question per post)
  49. How to childproof your home
  50. Home owners and renters insurance
  51. 10 most relevant blogs buyers should follow
  52. 10 most relevant blogs sellers should follow
  53. Top antique shops in the area
  54. How landscaping can make a difference for sellers
  55. Simple repairs to help your home sell faster and show better
  56. Top trends in architecture
  57. Review any local events you’ve attended in the area
  58. Write a review about a local business (if this business has a website let them know so they can link back to your blog!)
  59. What property taxes should you expect in different areas?
  60. Write about the luxury homes in your area
  61. Write about the cheap homes in your area
  62. Write about the best valued homes in your area
  63. Write about the renters options available in your area
  64. Write about the vacation houses available in your area
  65. Write about the time shares available in your area
  66. Make a list of the best burger joints in the area (include pictures!)
  67. Top 10 scams people face with building contractors and how to avoid them
  68. Have any celebrities brought or sold in your area?
  69. What is curb appeal?
  70. Commentary on local news stories
  71. Job opportunities
  72. Transportation (commute options and times)
  73. What is a HOA?
  74. What are the local crime rates? (I suggest only writing about this if the crime rates are low!)
  75. Why should real estate sales be handled by a professional?

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