Are You Losing Buyers on Your Real Estate Website?

You could be losing prospects on your website and not even know it.  Here are some common reasons why people may be leaving your Real Estate Website: Does your website simply load too slow? Are you offering real time listing data via some sort of IDX feed? Do you provide niche information for your local … Continue reading Are You Losing Buyers on Your Real Estate Website?

Mobile Listings Search

REALTORS® - mobile websites and QR codes are the newest 'must have' in marketing your business and services online. Nearly everyone you see has an iPhone, BlackBerry or Andriod smart-phone...meaning they have a mobile, internet capable device - which means your reach can go far beyond print media and computers! Capitalizing on an ever changing, … Continue reading Mobile Listings Search

Summer is Upon Us…and I Know You Delayed Your Spring Cleaning!

Spring cleaning is a great excuse to get your online marketing plan organized and in 'tip top' shape! Start with these 3 easy tasks and you'll be well on your way to a great year in Real Estate.

Capitalizing on Listing Data

Internet marketing has fast become one of the most prominent ways to cultivate clients/prospects in the Real Estate business. So what does your website, blog or social networking sites need to keep your clients coming back - LISTINGS! Listing syndication is one of the most important tools for your internet marketing platform - RE/Advantage has just what you need!