Facebook Removing REALTOR® Profiles

Hopefully by now, many if not all, Real Estate professionals know and understand the importance of expanding their marketing programs to the internet - specifically utilizing social media networks. Facebook has fast become one of the largest platforms used by REALTORS® to expand their sphere of influence and farm leads - but Facebook accounts have … Continue reading Facebook Removing REALTOR® Profiles

What is Good SEO?

Trying to rank your pages on Google or Bing can be a daunting task sometimes and if you ask several SEO experts you are likely to get several different answers. So what is the best method to achieve some degree of success?  Well I could not tell you in one blog post every way you … Continue reading What is Good SEO?

Google Enters the Mobile Handset Business

In a not-so-surprising move, Google announced recently it's intention to purchase Motorola Mobility for $12.5 billion. This gives Google access to Motorola's treasured handset technology, and more importantly, their patents. But what does this mean for Samsung, HTC and other handset manufacturers that have invested billions of dollars into their Android handsets? Will they now … Continue reading Google Enters the Mobile Handset Business

Bing’s 18 Tips for Good SEO

Bing recently wrote an interesting article entitled 18 Things You Need to Know About SEO that is suppose to help you with your rankings on Bing. Duane Forrester who runs the public outreach side of the Webmaster program for Bing wrote the article. This list includes some vital pieces of information that are useful, especially … Continue reading Bing’s 18 Tips for Good SEO