Qualities To Look For In A Good REALTOR®

Shopping for a new home is a challenge for many people and one that will often lead to them looking for help in finding the best house. That is when a person should know what they need to look for in the REALTOR® that they may be working with to see if they are going … Continue reading Qualities To Look For In A Good REALTOR®

Having Trouble Closing? Ask Yourself, ‘How Would Buyers Rate my Home Staging?’ (Part 1)

Home staging is the act of preparing a home, and the contents of the home, for sale with a special emphasis on presentation and appearance. It's important to realize that preparing a home for sale and staging a home is not always the same thing. Here are some tips on home staging that will impress even the most difficult buyers!

Capitalizing on Listing Data

Internet marketing has fast become one of the most prominent ways to cultivate clients/prospects in the Real Estate business. So what does your website, blog or social networking sites need to keep your clients coming back - LISTINGS! Listing syndication is one of the most important tools for your internet marketing platform - RE/Advantage has just what you need!