2008 Report REALTOR® Technology Survey

The 2008 NAR Technology Survey is now available.  If you are using technology (and I hope your are) give this report a look. Link to pdf (It's 80MB) This survey was extended to 40,000 random REALTORS® via email.  This report summarizes national findings among associate brokers, sales agents, broker-owners (no selling), broker owners (some selling), … Continue reading 2008 Report REALTOR® Technology Survey

Template of a Web Page

Every web page created has a few common parts.  To properly optimize any page an understanding of these parts is important. Here is what a general web page looks like in HTML.   Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) is the language that every web page is made out of.  Knowing what each does will help you … Continue reading Template of a Web Page

Is an Internet Lead Really Different?

Some people argue that an Internet lead is different than a lead coming from a more grass roots system.  Well I am one of those people. The biggest mistake an Agent can make is to mis-handle an Internet lead.  Used properly the Internet can be a valuable asset.  An asset than can bring you a … Continue reading Is an Internet Lead Really Different?

KIS (Keep It Simple)

Today's Real Estate Website has become more than just a pretty picture. With the advent of technology, the proliferation of syndicated listings, IDX, and Web 2.0 your website is can become a portal of knowledge for the home buyer. I titled my post KIS because with this influx of technology we see a lot of … Continue reading KIS (Keep It Simple)

Page Management Enhancement

Attention: All Agent Central Max Users In Page Management when you click save you are no longer brought back to the Page Manager Main Screen.  Instead you will remain in the Page Editor and we will simply save the page.  You can now stay in Page Management as long as you need.  Each time you … Continue reading Page Management Enhancement

Link Popularity

Why is Link Popularity a key in good rankings? Search Engines are just software programs that try to rank your website based on the content they scan.  They use a series of algorithms to give your content a ranking score.  Then they compare that score to all the other websites they have in their database … Continue reading Link Popularity