IDX – Make those Internet Remarks Count

I cannot tell you how many times when I look over some IDX (Internet Data Exchange) listings I see very poorly constructed Internet remarks/property descriptions.  Some people use all caps, some people abbreviate the entire IDXMaxpassage so much it looks like one of my daughters text messages and others just plain mis-spell or poorly construct their grammar.

Today’s home buyers are Internet savvy.  Poorly posted listings are not only a bad reflection on your professionalism but will reflect poorly on your prospects over Internet experience.

I read a post where someone was claiming how poorly constructed IDX data was and how it poorly reflects on the participants website in such a bad way that IDX itself was a bad investment.  Well, good point, about the poorly constructed part but I would not even for one second think having the MLS data on your website could EVER be bad.

However the point taken that these poor remarks are a reflection of the listing agent and the IDX participant is well noted.

Bringing all this data to the Internet is fantastic but with it comes some common sense responsibility from the listing Agent.  The data is only as good as the people who enter it.  If everyone practiced these poor habits IDX woulds become worthless.

So the moral to this post is proof-read your work and construct your descriptions clearly and take some time to make them well thought out.

5 thoughts on “IDX – Make those Internet Remarks Count

  1. Confession: My husband and I shamelessly make fun of other agents’ poorly written remarks all the time. (to each other) There are so many tools that will help us in our writing, both online and off. My biggest peeve: there, their, they’re… I have “Writer’s Reference” by Diana Hacker on my desk, a great resource.


  2. Ok, I’m not a Realtor. However, as I do shop, and post Listings of NFL Collectibles and Memorabilia for sale. I can tell you that if a listing isn’t “a Good One”, being properly written, descriptive, and detailed. It will not get posted in my blog.

    The reason is simple. Above anything else, buyers are time conscious. Therefore the Best listings, are those that save the buyer’s time.


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